Spring clean your home on a budget

With the sun starting to become a more regular visit and the flowers starting to bloom, we all know that Spring is on the way.

Spring is not only a time for the weather to start getting better, but it is also a chance to give your home a bit of a clean-up. Spring cleaning can take time, but it doesn’t always have to cost money. Here at A.J Cockle Finance we have put together some of the lowest cost and simplest ways that you give your home a clean, without breaking the bank.

Figure out things that you no longer need and sell them!

Spring is the perfect time to go through things you have and see if you still need them. This is particularly true for clothes, books and toys. Take an afternoon to sort out what things you actually need to keep and what things are no longer useful, and make a move towards selling those bits that you don’t need. Not only will you clear out some space, but you will also make some money too.

Rent those big pieces of equipment

Do your carpets need a good clean? Perhaps the patio could do with a power wash? This type of machinery can be expensive to buy, especially if you are only using once a year. Rather than paying out to buy it, why not rent it instead? There are a variety of places that you can rent from and they are available at a fraction of the price they would be if you bought them out-right.

Give old items an overhaul

During a spring cleaning session you may find that some of the furniture in your home is looking tired. Not sure that you can afford to buy new things? You don’t have to. Why not embrace up-cycling and give those older items a bit of a Spring overhaul? There are plenty of DIY projects and guides online which can show you the best way to make sure that everything looks as good as new!

Make cleaning products yourself

Some of the things that you need to get your home sparkling and clean can be incredibly expensive. But the good news is that you can make your very own cleaning products at a fraction of the price. Ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda, lemon and vinegar can work wonders in your home. So why not give these a go and see if they can make sure that your home looks Spring clean perfect?

These are just some of the ways that you can make sure your home is clean, neat and tidy. All without having to spend out the Earth. Best of all, you can get the entire family involved, and it gives you something to focus on for a weekend, rather than paying out to do something to keep everyone entertained.

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