Alternative Loans With Cockle Finance

Cockle Finance is an established financial broker based in Essex. We have been providing people in the area first-rate financial services for decades . We can offer a number of different alternative financing options. Our friendly and professional experts will help you to find an alternative loans to help you meet your day-to-day expenditure and one-off expenses.

Find a Suitable Alternative Loan With Cockle Finance

At Cockle Finance, we have been operating as lenders – and lending brokers – for decades which means we have the experience that is needed for all sorts of financing requirements. Part of this service is the provision of so-called alternative loans. This form of lending is called alternative because it is an alternative to the usual avenues to credit that are available to individuals. In the past, people would usually turn to a bank for a personal loan or they might have turned to another sort of financial institution, such as a car finance company, to get the money they need. However, with an alternative loan, you don’t have to stick to these traditional lenders if you don’t want to.

As such, applying for an alternative loan with Cockle Finance makes a great deal of sense. Perhaps you have had a bad experience with a bank before? Maybe you have other debts or a poor credit history to take into consideration? There again, you might simply want to arrange a loan with a company you can trust, Cockle Finance. After all, we can help to find the right sort of loan for your personal circumstances without having to go through dozens of different application forms. We can deal with you in person or on the phone so you don’t even have to go online and register your details multiple times with different would-be lenders either, something that can affect your credit rating.

Instead, come to Cockle Finance for an alternative loan that can be paid back in affordable instalments at a rate that takes into account your personal financial circumstances? For example, you can still get a loan from us even if you are unemployed, or have an outstanding CCJ. We are regulated by the FCA so you can rest assured of our professionalism as an approved lending broker. Please note that we are an award-winning firm, too, with a great reputation for high-quality customer service.

Apply for an Alternative Loan Simply and Easily

We understand that one of the reasons so many people use alternative loans to meet their borrowing requirements is that they want to enjoy a simplified process when applying for credit. Consequently, at Cockle Finance, we try to keep everything as straightforward as possible. Of course, we will need to take a few details in order to be able to come up with an appropriate loan proposal for you, including gaining an understanding of your usual outgoings. Nevertheless, your personal information will be held securely and only shared where necessary to obtain a loan. As a trusted lending broker based in Essex, we have many customers who would agree that we are a professionally run firm providing a wide range of borrowing solutions.

Alternative Loans in Essex and Across the Country

As mentioned, Cockle Finance is based in Essex and has been lending money in the county and East London for many years. Moreover, our brokerage service – in which we will match your borrowing requirements to a lender in the sector – means that we can offer alternative loans to anyone living in the UK. Therefore, you can apply for a loan with us online if you want. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your alternative loan options with us, then please feel free to call us during office hours. One of our friendly loan advisors will be able to provide you with a more personalised response and come up with some suitable alternative loan options for you to consider.

Why Is an Alternative Loan a Good Option for Some Borrowers?

Some people want an alternative loan because the rate of interest they will get with this form of borrowing will beat the sort of personal loans on offer from banks and other lending institutions. Of course, different people have different reasons for wanting an alternative to a conventional personal loan including wanting to borrow from another lender than their own bank.
In addition, some students see an alternative loan as a viable choice to assist them with the cost of their studies, something that may mean not having to take out a student loan. Again, reasons for this differ from student to student but when people want a shorter-term loan than might be on offer elsewhere, perhaps because they have a job or summer work lined up, then an alternative to a conventional student loan can be appealing.

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