Ways To Keep Your Car Costs Down

Always negotiate your insurance renewal quote

We’ve all been there, when your car insurance is up for renewal, you get the quote through and its exactly the same as last years! You’ve got another years no claims bonus and are another year older and wiser (hopefully). Many of us lead very busy lives and it can be easy to just pay it and move on. But it’s always a good idea to phone your insurance company and see if you can negotiate a better price. Most companies keep the price the same, hoping people will just accept the renewal so it’s always a good idea to give them a call!

Keep your tyres pumped up

It’s something that many of us don’t think about too much but keep your tyres at the correct pressure can be such a benefit. Obviously, its good to keep them pumped up as it’s safer when driving on Britain’s roads (lets face it, they’e not the best). However, keeping your tyres pumped up to the correct level will actually save you fuel as well. If your tyres aren’t inflated correctly, it means your engine has to do more work and use more fuel, pushing those bills up.

Shop around for fuel

It can be so tempting to just get your fuel at the local petrol station at the bottom of your road and this may well be the case. However, it’s worth noting the price of fuel at the other garages that you regularly drive past. Although a few pence per litre difference may not seem like a lot, it can really add up. If you put in an average of 30 litres of fuel a week, saving 4p per litre would add up to £50 a year saving!

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