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Welcome to Cockle Finance, online brokers providing you with access to short term loans from a multitude of lenders. Our short term loans will allow you to borrow a certain amount of money over a particular time frame, with fixed payments until the loan is completely repaid.

We’ve teamed up with Short Loans to help you find an affordable short term credit solution. Find out more information below and together we will help you secure your loan.

Cheapest Short Term Loan Options

Here at Cockle Finance, a decision on whether or not we’ll be able to provide you with a short term loan will depend on a plethora of factors, from credit history to income vs outgoings etc. A short term loan can provide the perfect solution for both personal and business needs and upon approval, you’ll need to agree to pay the loan in question, back within a certain timeframe. 

Our team are here to provide you with all the advice and guidance when it comes to securing a short term loan. They’ll also ensure you’re clear on exactly what’s involved when you take out a short term loan i.e. the potential risks, should you not pay it back in time.

Here at Cockle Finance, we want to make it clear that we’re a broker for short term loans, and not the lender themselves.

What Are Short Term Loans?

A short term loan is a loan that’s obtained or taken out in order to support either a personal or commercial need. A short term loan is a form of credit and involves a person borrowing capital that will need to be paid back; often incurring interest. All short term loans will have a due date when they must be paid back by – usually within a year from having the loan approved. 

Short term loans are great options for companies or start ups who may not necessarily be eligible for credit. Short term loans usually involve smaller borrowed amounts ranging from £100 to £100,000 in some cases. It’s worth noting however, that these types of loans can be suitable for personal needs, especially when individuals may find themselves with very sudden and unexpected financial needs.

As previously mentioned, short term loans must be paid off within a certain time frame, from six months to a year, however there are times this can be up to 18 months. Anything higher than this, time wise, will be considered a medium or even long-term loan.

What To Consider Before Applying For A Short Term Loan?

We’ll always take the time to provide you with the necessary advice and guidance before you sign for any loan, however there are certainly a few considerations to make before applying or accepting a short term loan of any kind…

  • Interest Rate – make sure you’re getting the best deal and are fully aware of the interest rate you’ll be accepting.
  • Monthly Repayments – are you completely aware of the monthly repayments? Are you happy with what you’re agreeing to pay back each and every month for the full term of the loan?
  • Total Amount – are you aware that with interest, you’ll be paying back more than you’re actually borrowing?
  • Budgeting – are you able to continue these payments should you lose a portion of your income? Are you able to pay additional charges for late payments or even missed payments and early terminations?

What Other Finance Options May Be Suitable?

We know that borrowing money can be a lifeline when an unexpected expense comes about. Here at Cockle Finance we want to make the process of borrowing money as safe as possible so that you can manage your cashfl0w and loan repayments.

There are a range of finance options available for people who want to borrow money. Doorstep loans are a great finance option that is well suited to short term borrowing. Find out more information about a doorstep loan here.

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