How to do ‘Back To School’ on a budget

It is a fact of life that kids need things for school. Uniform, PE kit, lunchboxes, stationary, the list can get bigger over time. This means that parents need to reach into their wallets and make sure that they have the cash to cover it.

But what if you are short on cash? Does this mean that your kid’s have to go without some of the essentials? The answer is no, there are ways that you can do back to school on a budget, and we have put together some of the best.

Check your house before you buy

Some of the things that your kids need for school could already be lurking in your home. This particularly covers stationary, which you may be able to source in drawers, cupboards and other hidey holes that pens, pencils and rulers like to hide.

Buy second hand

A large number of schools offer up second hand uniform sales, and these are usually designed to raise money for the school. A double win. These uniform items are generally quite cheap, and they are in good condition too. Which means that they make sense to buy.

See what you really do need to buy

There is a good chance that you will want to buy your kids all new stuff for the new term, but if you take a look through the things they already have then you may find that they don’t need everything replaced. Shoes and uniform is a common thing to need to buy each year (if not more) but rucksacks, lunchboxes and even winter coats can get a good couple of years wear.

Check out the sales

Now, this is no good this year, but if you know there are somethings that need regularly replacing, it is a good idea to try and buy it once the back to school rush has ended. Plenty of stores and shops will reduce their back to school themed items, giving you the perfect opportunity to pick up some bargains for the following year. The trick here is to buy things that they can’t grow out of, and then put them away ready. Just don’t forget where you have hid them when September comes.

Now you know, you can save money and make sure that your kids have everything that they need. Let’s just see how long they can keep that newly purchased uniform looking clean and tidy. When it comes to kids, the chances are that even the best quality stuff won’t even make it to Christmas!

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