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How to Have a Cheap and Cheerful Summer

We can all agree that summertime can be expensive. It doesn’t matter whether you are hoping to book a family holiday abroad somewhere hot or you just want to make the most of sunny days at home, a lot of people find themselves spending a fair amount of money. Not only can this ruin any budget plan that you have in place, but it can take a chunk out of your savings. Luckily, there are ways to ensure that your summer is as affordable as possible.


Top Tips for Keeping Summer Affordable


  • Look Out for Summer Holiday Deals – If you’re looking to go away this summer, you can keep things affordable by looking out for holiday deals. A lot of travel companies offer discounts to large groups, those booking at the last minute and anyone who is travelling outside of the school holidays. You can also save money by booking the holiday as a package, as many companies are willing to throw in freebies when you do.


  • Swap Expensive Activities for Free Days Out – There’s no reason as to why a day out with family and friends has to be expensive, not when there are a tonne of free things that you can do. Instead of planning to go somewhere with costly entrance fees, go somewhere that’s completely free. This could be the beach, a local nature reserve or a museum. Avoiding spending a lot on admission and tickets will see you cut down a considerable amount on the cost of the entire day.


  • Take Advantage of Special Offers and 2 for 1 Vouchers – If you are looking for things to do as a family, keep an eye out for special offers and vouchers. A lot of popular attractions offer family discounts and 2 for 1 vouchers, as a way to encourage you to go. These are often found in the local paper, on supermarket products and online. Grab them as and when you see them, as you never know when they’ll come in handy.


  • Make Plans Ahead of Time – Though it’s always fun to be spontaneous, planning ahead of time can help you to have a cheap and cheerful summer. When you plan ahead, you can factor in different ways to save money. For example, taking a picnic on days out or travelling during quieter times of the day. You could even go as far as buying early bird tickets to festivals and booking events before they become too well known.


Everyone wants to make the most of the summer, but there’s no reason as to why that should cost an arm and a leg. When a little bit of planning and by taking advantage of money saving deals, it’s entirely possible to keep summer affordable. To find out more about managing your money this summer, get in touch with Cockle Finance.

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