Cockle Finance announce B4B Payments as Prepaid Card provider

We’re delighted to announce that We’ve teamed up with B4B Payments as our Prepaid Card Provider.

Our brand new product the Cockle Finance Card is a great new way for you to receive the funds of your loan. It’s a PrePaid Mastercard that can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

B4B Payments will be providing the Cockle Finance Card to anyone that wants to have the funds of their loan loaded onto one.

Headquartered in London, B4B Payments delivers prepaid cards and outbound payment services to manage corporate expenditure for both employees and businesses globally.

Founded in 2006 B4B Payments have grown to be one of the leading names in Corporate expenditure and outbound payment solutions.

Director of Cockle Finance, Steve Cockle was delighted to announce the partnership, “I’m delighted that we’ve teamed up with B4B Payments and that we can launch the Cockle Finance Card. We always listen to our customers and felt that many wanted a solution that was an alternative to cash. In this day and age, so much is done online and we feel that our customers were being disadvantaged by having to put the cash in their bank before they could spend it. The Cockle Finance Card and our partnership with B4B Payments shows that we’re always looking towards the future and listening to the needs of our customers.”

For more information on the Cockle Finance Card speak to your agent or have a look on our website here

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