Find a White Goods Grant Alternative With Cockle Finance

As a professionally run firm, Cockle Finance is a good place to turn if you need a white goods grant alternative for your home with repayment structures that will suit your personal circumstances.

Get a White Goods Grant Alternative For Your Essential Household Needs

Here at Cockle Finance, we have access to an extensive network of lenders. As such, you can turn to us for an alternative to white goods grant with a loan that will be competitive and designed to match your particular borrowing requirements. If you have been turned down for a white goods grant or want to avoid the grant application process, then you can speak to one of our knowledgeable advisors to find out what your alternative options may be. Typically, we will find a lender who will be willing to send you the required funds to purchase a fridge, a freezer or a cooker, for example, even if you have a poor credit rating or you have just moved into your home, something that can put some high street lenders off.

At the Consumer Credit Awards, we’ve gained the Best Loan Provider prize in the sub £2.5k category before. This means we have a great reputation in the industry for smaller loans, the sorts that are typically needed to fund the purchase of appliances like white goods. Although the Department for Work and Pensions has made a pot of money available to local authorities in England, known as the Household Support Fund, not everyone can access it who might need a white goods grant. They’ll either be turned down outright or there won’t be enough money left in the fund to support a grant award. If so, seeking an alternative with Cockle Finance is a good option since we offer affordability, quick loan payments and access to lenders all over the country.

What Are White Goods Loans For?

As mentioned, white goods are typically defined by retailers as household appliances that primarily have a white appearance, such as washing machines, fridge-freezers, cookers and microwaves. Of course, nowadays, not all white goods are actually white – many are grey, silver or black. That said, the term white goods still means household appliances that are considered essentials in the home today, either to prepare food or to keep clean. Therefore, white goods loans can be useful if you’ve just moved and don’t have such appliances ready to use. They can also be used to help you find a replacement for an appliance that has broken down and is no longer worth repairing.

Either way, Cockle Finance’s white goods loans are excellent alternatives to grant funding. If your household income doesn’t meet the threshold for a grant award, then you won’t have to save up for a new appliance. Instead, you can take out an affordable online loan with us, buy the item you need and pay the sum back in regular, easy-to-manage instalments.

Who Can Apply for a White Goods Grant Alternative?

The good news is that anyone 18 or over can apply for a white goods grant alternative with Cockle Finance. We support borrowers throughout the entire UK and have a network of lenders we deal with who can, in some cases, wire the money to your account on the same day when you have an urgent need for funds. What’s more, if you live in Essex, near to our offices, then you can come to see us directly if you want. Just phone for an appointment.

For those living further afield, simply call us or complete our very simple online application form and let us do the rest. Please note that we offer small household loans for other essential items you may need, too, such as cots, beds and so on. You can also talk to us about borrowing for electronic items that aren’t household appliances and we’ll be happy to help.

How Long Will a White Goods Loan Take to Repay?

The term of a loan is the length of time it will take to pay back including the associated interest charges. At Cockle Finance, we offer flexible terms to help spread out the costs of a white goods loan. We’ll match our loan offer to your financial circumstances to help make sure the loan you take out is always affordable.

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