Same Day Loans With Cockle Finance

As an established lender that has been operating for over half a century, Cockle Finance is an ideal choice for a range of borrowing options including same-day loans. Our expert advisors will be able to guide you through the process of applying for a same-day loan whether it is in person or online. We can answer any questions you may have about the rules governing same-day loans including how much you may be able to borrow, what the repayment costs are going to be and how the money will reach you on the same day that you apply. We have been working as a family business for years and offer a personal touch with the services we provide including our same-day loan provision. Therefore, if you need a loan but don’t want the often impersonal or slow service you tend to find with banks and other financial institutions, why not get in touch with us instead?

Same-Day Loans

As an Essex-based lender, we are available throughout the county to provide doorstep loans. These can be arranged very fast and will mean that the loan is paid to you in cash, a good thing to know if you live locally and don’t want your money paid into a bank or building society, for example. Our easy repayment loans are ideal for short-term borrowing requirements for one-off spending commitments, such as paying for a car repair or redecorating costs, for instance. For people who live further afield, we also offer a short loan service online. Apply online for an unsecured loan and we will act as your expert brokerage service, scouring the market for the sort of quick loan arrangement you need at the best terms possible.

We find that people ask for a same-day loan for all sorts of reasons and personal circumstances. Typically, same-day loans are desirable because there is some unexpected or unforeseen expenditure that requires payment without further delay. Helping people to budget, same-day loans mean obtaining cash or a transfer of funds within hours of a loan agreement being signed. You can phone us to arrange one during office hours or seek an agreement via our online loan application brokerage process. Either way, Cockle Finance is committed to ensuring that we give you a swift decision on lending, something that is the case even among our clients who may have a chequered credit history.

Flexible Loans You Pay Off Every Week

Because we are a family-run firm, we have loan advisors who are able to help with all aspects of same-day loans including offering advice when they might not be the most suitable option for your borrowing requirements. Whether you need help to see you through until the next payday comes around at the end of the month or week, or you would like a personal loan to make paying for a big ticket item more affordable over the course of several monthly repayments, we will be happy to offer you the benefit of our financial experience.

We offer loans on the same day they’re requested for all sorts of terms. Depending on your particular set of circumstances, this means that we will typically either offer you a short repayment schedule of 20 weeks or a longer one of 45 weeks. We can adjust the term length so that the same-day loan you commit to is affordable. Payments can be made to us by direct debit or electronic transfer or – in the case of our doorstep loan service in Essex – in the form of cash paid in person each week. Please note that if you find that your financial circumstances change during the repayment period, we are on hand to come to a new arrangement. This is all part of the personalised service we offer at Cockle Finance and part of the reason we were named as customer service champions at the 2021 Consumer Credit Awards.

What Other Financing Options Does Cockle Finance Offer?

Same-day loans mean being able to get your hands on the money you need rapidly. However, speed is only one consideration of many when it comes to borrowing. As a responsible lender and credit broker, we’ll look into your wider financial circumstances and come up with a proposal that meets them. Along with our same-day loan service, for example, we also provide CCJ loans, payday loan alternatives and loans if you are unemployed, among others.

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