Convenient No Guarantor Loans With Cockle Finance

At Cockle Finance, we try to make everything as straightforward as possible with borrowing. From our simple application process to our friendly team of professional agents, we want to make it easy to sort out all of your financing arrangements. This includes our no guarantor loans which do not require you to have a co-signatory to borrow the sum you need.

No Guarantor Loans From Cockle Finance

Essentially, a no guarantor loan – also known as a non-guarantor loan – is a type of loan that you take out personally as an individual. In some cases where lenders identify risk, they will ask for someone else to sign the loan paperwork. This is usually the case when, for whatever reason, the individual applying for the loan has a poor credit rating. If so, the lender might want a co-signatory to act as a guarantor if the loan repayments were not to be made in full. This means that the lender would be able to request payments to be made up by the guarantor instead of the person who took the loan out. In most cases, the guarantor will have a better credit rating than the borrower or have sufficient assets to cover the loan in full should it not be paid back.

The big difference with a no guarantor loan is that there is no need for co-signatories or for anyone else to be involved. Without a guarantor, of course, you become solely responsible for paying the loan back. So long as it is affordable and the instalments have been agreed, then this should not cause any problems. Many people like no guarantor loans because they mean being able to deal with financial arrangements privately, because they are convenient to arrange and because they mean being able to access funds swiftly.

Poor Credit History? You Can Still Qualify For a Non-Guarantor Loan

At Cockle Finance, we can find a lender that will provide you with a loan even if you do not have a great credit rating. Bear in mind that credit scores can go down simply because you shared the same address as another individual who had a poor credit history – it may have nothing whatsoever to do with your current financial circumstances or your ability to pay a loan back!

Therefore, seeking a non-guarantor loan with Cockle Finance will make a great deal of sense if you want to cover some unforeseen expense and to split the cost up, especially if you do not want a co-signatory to be involved. Our no guarantor loans can be arranged easily online or by calling us, whichever suits you better.

Why Choose Us for a No Guarantor Loan?

With a great reputation for customer service and a range of different borrowing arrangements you can opt for, our no guarantor loans will suit many. We are a family firm that has been providing loans for over five decades, so we have a name you can trust and depend on, especially when it comes to non-guarantor borrowing.

We know that borrowing money can be a lifeline when an unexpected expense comes about. Here at Cockle Finance we want to make the process of borrowing money as safe as possible so that you can manage your cashflow and loan repayments.

There are a range of finance options available for people who want to borrow money. Doorstep loans are a great finance option that is well suited to short term borrowing. Find out more information about a doorstep loan here.

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