Loans for People on Benefits

We are here to help people who are looking for a loan on benefits. Cockle Finance has been operating as a direct lender for decades. This means that we know a thing or two about lending money to our customers. Our loan options for people on benefits means it is possible to get a loan even if you are on benefits. Our application process is simple. Customers get a straightforward loan with a friendly and professional service.

Obtain Loans on Benefits With Cockle Finance

Being on benefits for part or even all of your household income does not mean that you cannot borrow money in an affordable way to meet one-off costs or to spread the cost of expenditure. If you are in receipt of universal credit, for example, then your monthly payment can be used, in part, to service a loan from Cockle Finance. Perhaps you need money to repair a household appliance or require some finance to help you through an expensive period of the year? Whatever your reason for borrowing money, Cockle Finance is here to help throughout Essex.

Indeed, over the many years we have been trading, the team at Cockle Finance has built up an enviable reputation for providing much-needed finance in the local community. With us, you can obtain a doorstep loan in many of the towns in the county whereby one of our agents will arrange your loan for you in person and then call every week to receive your regular repayment instalments. With affordable and flexible loans available online that are designed to suit all lifestyles, including people who rely on their benefits payments for their main income, you won’t need to turn to some of the other lenders around who tend to turn down requests for loans on benefits alone.

What Is Involved With Loans on Benefits?

Essentially, a loan when you are on benefits is just like any other sort of financing arrangement. You will be offered a loan sum which, in the case of our handy doorstep loans, can be supplied in the form of cash, if wanted. We will only provide you with the money once we have looked into your finances to make sure that the agreed repayments will be affordable to you given your income.

You can use our loans for whatever you like. Furthermore, we can look into different loan terms – that’s the length of time you will take to fully repay your loan – so that the instalments can be spread out or packed together as you see fit. We’ll need to run a credit check on you to work out what rate of interest the loan will be charged at since this will factor in the calculation. That said, our extensive experience of the borrowing market in Essex means that people who have poor credit histories can often still qualify for one of our loans, whether they are currently in receipt of state benefits or not.

Why Choose Cockle Finance For a Loan If You Are on Benefits?

As proud members of the Consumer Credit Association, Cockle Finance has a track record of providing loans on benefits to cover a wide range of purposes throughout Essex. Our professionally run team of agents know how to deal with the particular set of financial circumstances people who receive benefits may have. That’s just one of the reasons why we are such a respected and award-winning company. If you would like to know more, then call us today or fill in our contact form.

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