We Offer Instant Loans to Borrowers With Various Financial Needs and All Sorts of Personal Circumstances

People need instant loans for all sorts of reasons these days. Perhaps your car has been taken in for a service, for example, and it has needed a new part fitted to make it roadworthy? If so, you may not have the funds to pay for it there and then, meaning that you might not be able to get to work or do the school run. If so, you’ll want to be able to access funds you can pay back later without waiting. This is exactly the sort of thing that, here at Cockle Finance, we can arrange.

We will listen to your borrowing requirements and then seek a suitable deal from lenders located all over the country. This way, you’re bound to obtain a loan offer that will suit your borrowing needs, whether large or small, in double-quick time. Not only that but because we search for suitable loans through our large network of trusted lenders, we will be able to offer you some of the most competitively priced deals around.
Of course, you might need an instant loan for another reason, to cover moving costs, to replace a broken appliance or to pay for the final instalment of a school trip, for example. Regardless of what the loan is for, our instant loan service is designed to get you the money you need as quickly as possible.

What Are Instant Loans?

When you turn to Cockle Finance for an instant loan, we will operate as a broker on your behalf, scouring the financial sector for funds that can be delivered rapidly. If you live in Essex, where we are based, and want to borrow from us directly, then check out our doorstep loans and direct lender services, too. For many of our customers, however, a phone call or an online application is all that will be needed to get the details required for an instant loan.

With the information you supply, we’ll find a suitable loan deal for you. Ask us any questions you may have about the proposed deal and if you are ready to proceed, we’ll draw up the paperwork. As soon as this is signed off by both you and the lender concerned, the money can be wired to you instantaneously. This will mean an electronic transfer of funds is made from the lender’s account to your account. This can be arranged to any high street bank account or a building society account, if preferred. As soon as the funds have cleared, you will be able to spend them on anything you like subject to your bank’s usual financial controls. Simply put, instant loans from Cockle Finance make securing financing fast, simple and affordable.

Who Can Obtain Instant Loans?

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older can apply for an instant loan through Cockle Finance. This includes people who already have loans so long as the new loan will be affordable to repay. People who have borrowed in the past and might have suffered from a poor credit score will also be able to borrow through our professional brokerage service, as well. There are some credit checks and due diligence processes that all reputable lenders need to make before funds can be transferred. Our instant loan service aims to speed up all of these processes so that the entire application process is fast without missing out on any required steps.

Are Instant Loans More Expensive Than Other Forms of Borrowing?

Not necessarily, no. Instant loans are typically offered as a type of personal loan. The interest charges will reflect the sum you need to borrow, your credit history and your wider financial circumstances, such as your monthly income. The fact that a loan of this type is secured fast won’t usually have a big impact on the overall cost of it.

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