Home Collected Loans in Colchester which are Repayable Over 30 Weeks

If you need a doorstep loan in Colchester, Cockle Finance can help. We Provide cash loans to people with bad or poor credit, as well as to people who are unemployed or on benefits. All of the loans we offer are repayable over 30 weeks and we ensure that the payment plans are simple for both parties involved.

Colchester Door Step Loan Company

When it comes to financial help, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin, payday loads, overdrafts, personal loans and borrowing from a relative are all options, but with Cockle Finance we specialise in providing doorstep loans. We’ll provide you with the details and let you decide the rest.

We have provided a number of people in Colchester with a doorstep loans and we’re know for the quality service that we provide.

Get a door step loan today

At Cockle Finance we can help you to get your hands on the quick cash you need, for more information and to find out if you’re eligible for a door step loan, call our team today.

The loans we provide are spread over 30 weeks, making it easier to work out and manage the payments.  For example, a £200.00 cash loan, would need to repaid at a rate of £10.00 per week over 30 weeks.  So the total amount payable would be £300.00 at a rate of 50% fixed interest.

Cockle Finance aims to ensure that all cash borrowing is as easy as possible. The terms we offer are fixed for a reason and they’ll save time for both parties as well as help you to get the answer you need as quickly as you need it.

Loans to your Home

If you require a cash loan, people usually need them as soon as possible. At Cockle Finance we can bring your loan to your door so our service is as speedy and hassle free as possible. So if you have something that urgently needs fixing at home or should your car service be due, cash loans can provide a short-term money solution to help you cover the important costs of living.

Cockle Finance provide doorstep loans for the unemployed and people on benefits, as well as those who have bad credit too. So as long as we are satisfied that you can make the payments comfortably, you’ll be considered for a doorstep loan.

Home Collected Loans

Cockle Finance are known as one of the leading choices for home collected credit loans in Colchester and we’ve also helped hundreds of local people with their financial needs across the area.

So if you need cash quickly, an application to Cockle Finance may be all it takes to provide you with the short-term, money solution you were hoping for.

Contact Cockle Finance to find out more information or apply for a doorstep loan in Colchester today.


Do I need to be a homeowner to apply for a doorstep loan?

No, not at all. You can get a doorstep loan without owning a home. We can tailor your loan to best suit your situation.

Can you get doorstep loans if you’re on benefits?

Yes, at Cockle Finance we offer doorstep loans to those on benefits. We understand that sometimes money may not stretch far enough, so we have doorstep loans available to suit all needs. If you would like to find out more about this, please call us today and we’ll make sure we set up a repayment plan to best suit your needs.

Do I need a bank account for a doorstep loan?

In most cases yes. However, doorstep loans can be in cash. If this is something you may require, then please contact us and we will talk through your options.

Can I get a doorstep loan if I’m unemployed?

If you are currently unemployed, we can still offer you a doorstep loan. As professional and responsible lenders, we will make sure that the loan suits your specific needs and set up a plan that is manageable and achievable. Please contact us so that we can discuss this through with you.

Can I apply for a doorstep loan if I have bad credit?

Yes, with Cockle Finance you can. We can offer doorstep loans for people with bad credit. Upon doing so, we will ensure that the repayment plan is set up to be realistic and achievable, whilst also catering to your needs. So if you currently have bad credit but need a doorstep loan, be assured that Cockle Finance can help you.

Supporting the Colchester Community with Cockle Finance

At Cockle Finance, we are committed to supporting the community of Colchester. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by our neighbours, and we are here to provide the financial assistance you need with our doorstep loans.

You Are Not Alone

Living in Colchester, you are part of a dynamic community, but we know that financial challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming. It’s important to know that you’re not alone. We understand that the ups and downs of life can arrive when you least expect them. Sometimes, you just don’t have that rainy day pot for when the washing machine breaks or the car fails its MOT—and that’s what we’re here for.

Did you know that approximately 5% of people in Colchester are currently unemployed, and 12% are receiving benefits? If you find yourself in similar circumstances,we can help in those instances too. Cockle Finance is here to support you every step of the way, whatever your circumstances.

Local Support Services

For those seeking additional guidance and support, the nearest Citizens Advice Bureau in Colchester is located at 28 Middleborough, Colchester, CO1 1TG. They offer free, confidential advice on a wide range of issues, including financial concerns, employment, and housing.

Financial Landscape of Colchester

Understanding the financial landscape of our area can help you make informed decisions. The average credit score in Colchester is 630, which can impact your access to certain types of credit. At Cockle Finance, we work with you to understand your situation and offer loans that are tailored to your needs, regardless of your credit score.

Banking and Cash Machines

Access to banking services is crucial. In recent years, the number of banks and cash machines in Colchester has reduced, making it more challenging for residents to access their money. Currently, there are 6 banks and 15 cash machines in the area, with some charging fees for withdrawals. Cockle Finance provides a convenient alternative with our doorstep loan service, bringing financial support directly to your door.

Post Office Services

Post offices are essential for many community members, offering more than just mail services. In Colchester, there are 5 post offices, providing services such as bill payments, banking, and more. We encourage you to make use of these resources for your everyday needs.