Crisis Loan Alternative From Cockle Finance

As an award-winning finance broker, Cockle Finance has a number of options when money is short and a loan is required rapidly. Contact one of our professional advisors to ask about our credit brokerage service which includes crisis loan alternatives along with a range of other borrowing options.

Get a Crisis Loan Alternative Swiftly Via Cockle Finance

Here at Cockle Finance, we deal with lenders up and down the country. Therefore, when you apply for a crisis loan alternative with us, we are in an ideal position to find a suitable lender who can provide you with the emergency funding you need. Just like other types of a loan, a crisis loan alternative will be paid directly into your nominated account. What’s more, they can be arranged quickly, a good thing to know when you are facing a household or personal crisis that you can only overcome with some hastily arranged credit.

That said, it is important to know that all of our crisis loan alternatives are handled professionally, just as you should expect from a firm of reputable brokers who are regulated by the FCA. In other words, just because our crisis loan alternative lending arrangements can be brokered fast, it doesn’t mean that you will experience a lower quality of service.

What Is a Crisis Loan Alternative?

As the name implies, a crisis loan alternative is another way you can obtain funds for a crisis situation other than accessing public funds. Crisis loans have historically been on offer from certain local authorities for people with specific financial circumstances to help them cope with emergency situations. For example, it is possible to ask your council for a loan if your cooker were to malfunction and you had no other means of preparing food for yourself. Such loans are typically small and restrictive, however. They also tend to take a great deal of time and effort even to apply for. Many people who do so get turned down in the end, anyway.

Therefore, it is often more convenient and faster to turn to the private lending sector in the UK to deal with crises. If your boiler needs to be replaced but you cannot afford a new one immediately, for example, then applying for a crisis loan alternative would often make sense. We will listen to how much you need to borrow and, along with taking into account your household income, find suitable lenders who will be willing to lend you the money. It is as simple as that!

Benefits of Crisis Loan Alternatives

A loan with Cockle Finance is straightforward to arrange. Crisis loan alternatives are great to cover one-off emergency expenditures, and the tailored loan means you can pay back at an affordable and competitive rate that suits your personal circumstances.

Unlike true crisis loans, the alternatives on offer from Cockle Finance are open to anyone who faces temporary financial hardship. Whether you rent, own your own home, have a job or are currently unemployed, we can help in most circumstances. Apply online or call us to discuss your crisis loan alternative request.

What Other Finance Options May Be Suitable?

We know that borrowing money can be a lifeline when an unexpected expense comes about. Here at Cockle Finance we want to make the process of borrowing money as safe as possible so that you can manage your cashfl0w and loan repayments.

There are a range of finance options available for people who want to borrow money. Doorstep loans are a great finance option that is well suited to short term borrowing. Find out more information about a doorstep loan here.

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