Credit Builder Loans With Cockle Finance

As a loan broker with a great track record in customer service, at Cockle Finance, we are pleased to offer credit builder loans to anyone who needs them. Along with many of our other borrowing options, we can provide credit builder loans to individuals and couples who may not have the best credit histories and who might, therefore, find it harder to arrange finance from high street lenders.

No Guarantor Loans From Cockle Finance

As a professional lender that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we have been a trusted name in household and personal finance for many years. Our credit builder loan service helps people who have had a chequered credit history in the past not only to obtain the borrowing they might need but to help build their credit score over time, as well. We will act as a broker on your behalf to scour the entire market to come up with a credit builder loan that meets all of your borrowing requirements affordably. You can apply for one today.

A credit builder loan is a loan you can apply for with us online. The application process is simple and means only having to enter your details once. We’ll then do the rest for you by searching through our extensive network of loan providers to come up with some suitable deals. Alternatively, just pick up the phone and call us. One of the friendly team at Cockle Finance will be on hand to discuss your credit builder loan requirements and take your application forward.

Either way, seeking a credit builder loan is often a good idea if you have a low credit score. Typically, people who have low credit ratings will either be turned down by high street lenders because they represent too much of a risk or they’ll only be offered loans at higher interest rates. Indeed, simply applying for a conventional loan can mean your credit rating drops because the lender accesses your records to check on your creditworthiness.

Instead, our credit builder service allows potential lenders to make an offer without the need for a thorough credit check. Equally, if you decide to proceed with a loan offer, you will be able to build your credit rating back up by successfully repaying the loan under the agreed terms.

A Fast and Affordable Credit Builder Loan Application Process

Whether you contact us by phone, fill in an online application form or, if you happen to be local, arrange for an in-person loan application, our credit builder loan service is quick and easy. Simply tell us what your borrowing needs are and what your household income is and we’ll do the rest. With a few details, we can access loan offers from numerous lenders to find a deal that will be appropriate for you. By matching borrowers and lenders without any hard searches or deep dives into your credit history, your credit rating won’t be affected even if you receive multiple loan offers.

The Advantages of Credit Builder Loans

Our credit builder loans do not require borrowers to put up any security against the sum they will borrow. As such, they are an unsecured form of borrowing, something that will suit the wider financial circumstances of all sorts of borrowers. As previously mentioned, credit builder loans do not include hard credit searches, so you won’t have to worry that even enquiring about a potential source of credit will lead to a drop in your credit score. 

With repayment options to suit all sorts of people, our credit builder loan brokerage service offers a great deal of flexibility. What’s more, repaying your loan should lead to a better credit rating at the end of the process because you have demonstrated your ability to repay.

Why Choose Us for a No Guarantor Loan?

Other Borrowing Arrangements That May Suit You

Here at Cockle Finance, we provide loans and act as lending brokers for all sorts of financing options. It may be that a credit builder loan is something that will suit you but we can also discuss other sorts of credit, such as cash loans, crisis loans, doorstep loans and payday loan alternatives, to name just a few of your available choices. Please note that we are on hand to offer advice not just about the various ways you can access credit today but also help you with finding a suitable repayment schedule so any loan you decide to take out can be repaid affordably.

There are a range of finance options available for people who want to borrow money. Doorstep loans are a great finance option that is well suited to short term borrowing. Find out more information about a doorstep loan here.

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