Get A Cash Advance

Here at Cockle Finance, we offer cash advance loans to all of our valued customers. We have been operating as respected lenders in the East End of London – and, later, in Essex – for over 50 years. As a family-run firm, we can provide a more personalised approach to borrowing than many high street lenders. Anyone who is seeking a cash advance from us can do so with complete confidence in our professionalism.

What is a Cash Advance?

Historically, cash advances have often been sought by employees from their employers. For example, an employee might ask for half of their next pay packet to be paid to them in advance and for this sum to be deducted from their pay or salary when the next company payroll is run. However, employers are increasingly unwilling – or unable in some cases due to their own cash flow situation – to pay in advance. Those that do may only be able to process an advance into their employee’s bank rather than offering up cash, something that can cause its own problems. This might be the case if the employee was already overdrawn, for instance, meaning that they could not spend the advance because it all went on bank charges.

These days a cash advance can be obtained from lenders. Here at Cockle Finance we offer affordable repayment terms that mean the advance won’t necessarily need to be settled from a deduction from your next pay packet. In other words, we can spread the cost out. Typically, we will arrange cash advance repayment terms of 20 weeks or more.

Why Is a Cash Advance a Good Credit Option for Some Borrowers?

Cash advances tend to suit people who have a steady income but who need to meet some unexpected costs. This could be for a necessary repair to their home or car, for example. It might even be to meet additional seasonal costs – such as Christmas or heating expenditure, for example – so that the sums involved can be spread out over several weeks or months. Please note that we offer a range of borrowing options at Cockle Finance and can provide alternatives if you decide that a cash advance is not for you, after all.

Contact Cockle Finance For A Cash Advance?

For online cash advances, we have an online application process for credit, which is ideal if you live outside of Essex. If you take this option, then we will be able to present you with suitable loan options that can be paid directly into your bank account. We can also offer doorstep loans where you can receive the cash you need at home. However these loans can only be obtained from one of our doorstep loan agents in areas of Essex where we operate. In Essex, this includes places like Basildon, Chelmsford, Dagenham, Romford and Colchester, among others.

You can either arrange an appointment with us to collect your cash advance or, if you prefer, we will come to your home to deal with the paperwork and provide you with the borrowed sum. Under such circumstances, your cash advance will work like a doorstep loan, meaning we can agree to come to collect each weekly repayment from you when it becomes due.

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