Obtain a Budget Loan Alternative With Cockle Finance

Do you need a budget loan alternative? As an award-winning business, Cockle Finance is able to offer a consistently high level of service with all of its finance options, including alternatives to conventional budgeting loans. Our borrowing options are ideal for people who need to manage their household incomes to budget for one-off payments for travel, funeral costs, essential clothing and more besides.

As a firm that has an excellent reputation for an honest and open approach when it comes to lending services, we take a great deal of pride in being able to help people in need of a loan for their budgeting requirements. Unexpected expenditure may be needed in all sorts of circumstances. As such, we’re here to provide budgeting loans from reputable lenders that will mean being able to stick to a repayment budget that you can afford. Our network of budgeting loan lenders is extensive so we are likely to be able to match you with a suitable loan provider no matter what your household and financial circumstances happen to be.

What Is a Budgeting Loan?

Official budgeting loans are only available to people on certain types of benefit-based incomes in England and Wales through the government. They are principally designed to help with essential purchasing requirements for things like white goods, moving costs, maternity-related expenditure and so on. They are not available to everyone, however. You may find that you do not qualify for a government budgeting loan because of the income of someone else in your household or because of what you would like to spend your budgeting loan on.

Therefore, at Cockle Finance, what we provide is a straightforward alternative to official budgeting loans. You can obtain one whether your income is partly – or entirely – made up from Universal Credit payments, for example, or if you have a salary and no benefit entitlements. There again, you can use a budgeting loan arranged through us to spend on any items you need to budget for, not just those that are approved by the government as being in the qualifying group.

Secure a Budgeting Loan Alternative With Cockle Finance

We will act as brokers on your behalf to find a suitable budgeting loan for you. The process is quick. You can arrange a budgeting loan with us over the phone by talking to one of our skilled advisors. Alternatively, apply online or – if you live locally – you can come and see us. Securing your financing with us will mean being able to borrow a sufficient sum to meet your budgeting needs. What’s more, we’ll be able to track down a deal that means you will be able to repay the loan at a rate that suits you. As such, our loan application process isn’t just fast but flexible, as well. Our loan offers are always tailored to meet particular requirements and, if you decide you don’t want to proceed, then there is no obligation or penalty for doing so.
Whether you need to purchase a uniform for a job you have just started, want to obtain some money to carry out repairs to your home, need a more affordable loan to settle other debts or have any other budgeting matters to deal with, contact us today to find out more about our budgeting loan service. You could have the money you need in your bank quicker than would be the case with a government loan or a high street lender.

The Advantages of a Loan From Cockle Finance

At Cockle Finance, our network of budgeting loan providers means being able to access a competitive marketplace. As such, the loans we put forward will typically be very affordable. Our customers often report that obtaining a budgeting loan through us means the process is much simpler, too. Certainly, you won’t have to fill in official government forms.
Once a loan has been agreed in principle, there will be a straightforward contract to sign and the money can be wired to you by your loan provider electronically without delay. Remember that with our loans, you can budget for any household circumstances, not just the ones that are within the rules of government-backed loans of this type.

Which Other Financing Options May Suit My Circumstances?

We offer many different borrowing options at Cockle Finance. From traditional doorstep loans to online loans, we are able to help people in a wide range of financial circumstances to get the credit they need. This includes people with limited incomes and those with poor credit histories among others. Call us today to discuss all the available options.

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