Car money

Ways To Keep Your Car Costs Down

Always negotiate your insurance renewal quote We’ve all been there, when your car insurance is up for renewal, you get the quote through and its exactly the same as last years! You’ve got another years no claims bonus and are another year older and wiser (hopefully). Many of us lead …

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Doorstep Loan Advantages

Advantages of a Doorstep Loan

There are so many financial products available to people who need to borrow money, it can be difficult to decide what one would be best for you. You will, obviously, first look at the interest that will be paid and try to get the cheapest that is available to you. …

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Doorstep Loans Explained

Doorstep Loans Explained (aka Home Collected Credit)

The process of taking out a Doorstep Loan (Sometimes known as Home Collected Credit) is one of the oldest money lending methods in existence. Once you’ve applied and if you’re accepted, loans are brought in cash, straight to your home, with the repayments being made by an agent calling on …

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